New Beginnings

Tanya Fowler

It’s finally spring!  We have made it through the long winter and our thoughts are turning to new beginnings and change.  Bulbs pushing through the ground, breaking out into beautiful purples and yellows of crocus or daffodils.  Hyacinth are peaking their heads through  and tulips are right behind them.  We do spring cleaning with the thought of getting rid of all of the extra “stuff” that we have accumulated over the last several months, and then we turn our minds to new ideas and beginnings. Beauty and hope and the thought of new beginnings are everywhere.  Spring in all of it's beauty can be so busy though, that we don't take the time to slow down and look around and enjoy it.  

I took a leap of faith early this spring and finally launched my new candle company that I had been planning and working on for several months.  Spring is a good time to do that…it screams out hope and new beginnings.  It can be scary, or intimidating, but if you don’t move forward you will never get anywhere, but it has kept me busy...maybe a little too busy that I haven't enjoyed all of the spring. 

Have you made it through winter?  Has your step lightened just a little bit?  If not, what’s holding you back?  What is keeping you from taking those first steps and moving forward?  What is keeping you from taking time to enjoy the beauty that is all around?  Remember to be like the pelican….take your time, gather what you need, pause, enjoy the moment, and then move fearlessly towards your goal. 

Find a new candle scent that you like, and at the end of a day, light it and sit back and enjoy the hope that spring brings.

Happy spring!