Why "WHITE PELICAN" Candle Company?

     Hi, and thanks for stopping by.  My name is Tanya, and I want to tell you a little about  what's on my heart and how this  company came to be.  Hopefully after reading this you will understand a little bit about me and my company, and find something that you can take with you and encourage you.  
I began the journey of creating a candle company that would speak to me, and hopefully you.  I wanted natural ingredients, and I wanted to provide something simple that would bring enjoyment into our lives.  As I began developing my products I started searching for a name...something that would embody what I hoped this company and I were about.  One day I saw pictures of some White Pelicans that were near my Florida home.  As I studied the pictures and video I became aware of their beauty, strength, and sense of community. 

I noticed how a picture showed the White Pelicans sitting patiently, floating on the water while all around them seemed to be people coming and going in all directions.  The pelicans looked to be oblivious to the chaos around them, seemingly content to relax and enjoy the waves and the sun

Next I saw a video that showed some of these same pelicans working together as a group to hunt their food.  They moved together, beating their wings on the water, herding the fish back to where another group of hungry pelicans waited to scoop the fish into their pouches.  It struck me that these pelicans were intent on reaching their goal, unaware or unaffected by their surrounding distractions.

I realized that this was what I wanted for myself, and for you.  Is there something in your life you're working towards?  Something you're impatient about?  Do you have a difficult time being in the moment, taking time to relax and savor where you are?  Be reminded by the pelican to relax and observe the resources around you.  Whether you're preparing to reach your goal or just get through the day, take the time to work  with others, encourage relationships, and support each other when it's needed...then when the time is right be fearless in going after your desires. 

Above all, take the time to enjoy peace in the midst of your crazy, hectic life.  My hope is that I have encouraged you, and through my natural soy candles given you something relaxing that you can come home to. So, light a candle, relax, and savor each moment.